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Stuart Savill raising money for disadvantaged kids @ Squash Squared

So – once again this year, I am raising money for disadvantaged kids and getting involved with Squash Squared….

Squash Squared is the UK’s first registered squash and education charity supporting disadvantaged kids to enable academic and sporting success.

Squash Squared’s goals are to raise academic achievement​, develop a new sporting skill / talent and improve health and fitness employment, provide structure to the (often chaotic) lives of its pupils and with a great added advantage of increasing participation in our awesome sport of squash!

How did I get involved in this – well, for those that know me – you might know that I am slightly addicted to the game of squash (doesn’t mean I am good – just play a lot!).

So – what’s the challenge??? On Saturday 7th December I will be playing a ton of squash against some ridiculous (as in really good) players, running around like a lunatic and quite frankly embarrassing myself with my lack of squash prowess…. Basically, I want to get sponsored for doing this – and all of the funds go to awesome kids that deserve a chance both academically and with sport!

Please sponsor me on my Just Giving Page which can be found here:

Want to know more about Squash Squared - Please go herel

Thanks for reading this!


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