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Return to Cheam Squash - Cleaning Responsibilities


As we return to playing squash at Cheam, i just thought it would be worth documenting the cleaning schedule that we will have in place and also the responsibilities of the members using the courts.

In terms of cleaning that will be in place, the courts and open areas (hallway and viewing gallery) will be cleaned first thing in the morning and also last thing at night.

Your responsibilities..... During the day - as you enter onto courts - please use the wipes provided to wipe down the entrance door handle on entrance and also clean any areas you touch on exit of the courts.

You will also notice that court maintenance time is booked out between bookable court slots - this is to give the courts time to circulate air before the next booking.

The wipes to be used can be found on shelves outside of court 1 and court 2.

Could i also ask that you dispose of the wipes into the bins provided. The bins will also be emptied at the end of each day.

Thanks and see you on court soon!


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