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Cheam Squash Club - Return to Full Court Squash / Squash Bubble - Friday 4th September 2020

From this Friday, 4th August, Cheam Squash Club is pleased to announce that we will once again allow FULL COURT Squash / Squash57 however this is only on the proviso of members forming a "SQUASH BUBBLE" of no more than 6 players.

To ensure that Cheam Squash Club remains a safe club and that our members and guests can be confident that they are playing squash in a secure environment there will be active monitoring of court usage, no more than two players on a court at one time and that players are playing within their bubble.

In order to play full court, it is mandatory that an email be submitted from each of the players forming a bubble emailed to both: & declaring the members of their squash bubble BEFORE any full court squash commences. We will be reconciling court bookings and details of squash bubbles to ensure that this rule is observed!

Please also state in your email that you agree to follow England Squash’s “bubble guidance” which can be found by clicking HERE This request is not just in the interest safety but to ensure that members can continue to play within a group of their first choice.

Cheam Squash RULES OF PLAY for full court / SQUASH BUBBLE

  • Two players, playing FULL COURT must be in the same SQUASH BUBBLE OR same household

  • Each member wishing to participate within / form a SQUASH BUBBLE must independently e-mail both AND to state the bubble they wish to join and collegues they wish to form the bubble with. Additionally within the same e-mail, acceptence of the England Squash rules of play / return to full court squash must be signalled. It is mandatory that we recieve these details and prove that we have an audit path.

  • A full court squash bubble can not exceed 6 memners.

  • Only two players on court at one time

  • Play best of three games

  • Play first to 11 points, sudden-death at 10-all.

  • During each game, when the first player reaches five points, both players should wipe away excessive sweat, sanitise their hands and the ball. Repeat between games

  • The same player to serve / touch the ball during each half of a game, and at the halfway point, switch servers.

  • Players are strongly advised to wear protective eye-wear or visor

  • Players must not wipe their hands on the court walls

  • Players are not allowed to shout or raise their voice

  • You can still play SIDES with ANY member of the squash club, this IS NOT limited to your squash bubble

  • Non-adherence of these rules will result in temporary suspension of membership

  • Playing full court squash whist NOT being in a bubble or playing someone external to your household will result in temporary suspension of membership

For players who are unsure with whom to create a bubble with / need to find a bubble please email either or

Please find below some frequently asked questions (FAQ's) that have started emerging;

Q. Can I still play sides with any member once forming a squash bubble

A. Yes - you can still play sides

Q. Can i still play Full Court Squash within my Bubble and also a house member of my family that is not in the same bubble

A. Yes

Q. Do i have to wear eye protection

A. Eye protection is not mandatory - but it is strongly recommended as per the guidelines set by England Squash


Cheam Squash Club.

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