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All Change AGAIN - 17th May - On court with other households (hopefully!)


Hope you and yours are keeping well.... As no doubt you have seen in the press - we are about to reach the next milestone in relaxation of COVID restrictions - which will hopefully ripple through to the squash world and allow a less restrictive mode of play!

At the moment, its looking like squash and racketball players will be allowed on court with someone from a separate household.

We are awaiting confirmation from England Squash as to how this can be done and what the rules of play will be (ie. is this a modified version of the game - or standard full-court squash)

We are expecting a full update of venue and player guidance on Friday 14th May. As soon as we have details - we will update the membership.

As a reminder i have included the return to squash timeline that England Squash have published thus-far...

Looking forwards to seeing you all down the club for a proper hit!

If there are any questions - please reach out to either Neal or myself.




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