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FULL SQUASH IS BACK - Monday May 17th 2021


Finally - we are allowed back on court to do what we love most - full play racketball and squash!!!! No modified games, no special scoring, no sides, no bubbles, no solo hitting (unless of course you want to!) - Just good old fashioned normal squash!

Over the course of the weekend, I will be sending out a lengthier email with some of the rules we have to change at the club (it actually a reduction rather than more to think about!) - however there is one rule we MUST adhere with, that being PLEASE ENSURE YOU NAME YOUR OPPONENT ON THE COURT BOOKING SYSTEM.

It is also a requirement, if you bring someone to watch (which we do want to discourage at this time) that you register them by scanning in with the COVID NHS app using the NHS barcode (there are a number of these around the club, you do it everywhere else - pleae use this same facility down the club - there is one as soon as you walk in the club on the noticeboard).

Court bookings are looking pretty free at the moment - but if i were you - Id be thinking about booking sooner rather than later - as i suspect courts will get taken pretty quickly at peak times!

We are also working towards getting some events set up, later in the summer period, we are hosting a PSA event in August, we have a new face joining us in the coaching team - and more to come!

So for the first time in a really long time - i can say - I look forwards to having a hit with you all on court soon!

HAVE FUN GETTING BACK ON COURT! - Lets get that squash buzz back!

Cheers, Stu.


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