Nick Matthew Coaching Tips - Part 5

Check this - Part 5, Forehand drive... Bit of a limp wrist when you try and hit that shot? Drive turns into more of a drop, cross-court butterfly turnaround nick shot and ends up tinning itself... Have a nose... It cant do any harm :-)

Nick Matthew Coaching Tips - Part 4 - Court Movement

In this posting - Nick discusses court movement. Don't know about you - but I do loads of really good impressions of a fairy elephant when im on court (well more elephant than fairy).... Check this out!

Nick Matthew Coaching Tips - Part 3

OK... So part 2 spoke about getting that all important serve in... guess what - this one is talking about return of serve, when to take the ball etc... Watch it, learn it, play it and get involved #TimeToGetThoseEasyPoints...

Nick Matthew Coaching Tips - Part 2

So the second in a series of postings (thanks good old you tube). This article focus on the serve - and The Right Honorable Mr Matthew gives some tips and thoughts on the all important serve... Lets face it - which of us doesn't throw that serve in - and think... Oh Crap.... thats gone all sorts of wrong - So well worth a watch! Enjoy!

Nick Matthew - Coaching Tips - Part 1

So - the first in a series of tips from Nick Matthew - to (maybe) improve our squash games... OK i know - we need to do a fair bit to improve - but its worth a look. This video talks about warming up - getting ready for that all important game where you want to win that all important game and claim real bragging rights... Have a watch!

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