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Cheam Sports Table Tennis Club

Welcome to Cheam Sports Table Tennis Club!





We are a small club, just starting out - and using the facilities that Cheam Sports have to start a club. We have two tables available for members to use Cheam Squash Club courts on weekdays from 7:00 until 17:15, and on Sundays from 7:00 until 21:45.

On joining the club, you will have the table facilities available but also the use of Cheam Sports Bar for a bit of a social - after that intense table tennis game.

Booking times for Table Tennis are as follows -

Monday            7:00am -> 5:15pm
Tuesday            7:00am -> 5:15pm
Wednesday      7:00am -> 5:15pm
Thursday           7:00am -> 5:15pm
Friday                7:00am -> 5:15pm
Saturday  *****NO ACCESS to courts******
Sunday              7:00am -> 9:45pm

Only courts 2 & 3 should be used for Table Tennis activities

For court booking times - note that this is done on an honesty basis - and we ask that members do not book courts outside of the allotted hours mentioned above

​​Please use the link at the top of the page titled "Court Bookings / Leagues" to book courts. Courts cost £4 for a 40 minute session. You will probably need to book more that one court to play a match.


Please note that if you book courts and then cancel, you will NOT get a refund if the court is cancelled within 48 hours of playing


Interested in joining?

If you wish to know more about joining the club, want information around use of the facility or just have a question, please use the "contact us" box below or contact Charles Baldacchino at:

Care of our facilities and courts.


All are more than welcome to use our facilities, but we ask that the appropriate sports wear, especially foot wear is used, to ensure that the squash courts are not marked or damaged. Typically a good quality, non-marking squash shoe is appropriate.

Examples of shoes that should be used can be found by clicking HERE

Please ensure that non-marking shoes are used and under no circumstance should trainers / black soled shoes be used at any time

Finally - "The Disclaimer" - You use the facilities at your own risk. Should injury / incident occur, Cheam Sports & Cheam Squash  are not held liable in any way.

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