So... What social distanced games / drills can you do on the Squash Court

As we return to court and on the backdrop of covid, we have to put in place social distance games. England Squash have released new guidelines for these games and drills and they are as follows: 1. Game of sides: 2. Socially distanced practices for more advanced players Here are some recommended practices that more advanced players from two different households can play, designed to comply with social distancing measures. Cross court volleys Both players volley the ball cross court to each other from behind the service box. Switch sides. To make it easier, move closer to the front wall. To make it harder, move further away from the front wall. Make it cooperative: Aim for as many volleys

Return to Cheam Squash - Cleaning Responsibilities

All, As we return to playing squash at Cheam, i just thought it would be worth documenting the cleaning schedule that we will have in place and also the responsibilities of the members using the courts. In terms of cleaning that will be in place, the courts and open areas (hallway and viewing gallery) will be cleaned first thing in the morning and also last thing at night. Your responsibilities..... During the day - as you enter onto courts - please use the wipes provided to wipe down the entrance door handle on entrance and also clean any areas you touch on exit of the courts. You will also notice that court maintenance time is booked out between bookable court slots - this is to give the c

Re-opening / re-embursement of membership as court credits

All, As outlined last week - Cheam Squash Club will once again be opening its doors ready for a good hit on court. As a reminder of the "return from covid rules" please use the following link: In other news - I sent an email a few weeks ago talking around loss or playing / court time as a result of COVID and how we are going to credit your mycourts account with £s that can be used for booking courts. As we have now been 4 months without playing each member will recieve 4 months worth of membership fees as court credit. Please note that THIS IS NOT REUNDABLE. Howeever,

Cheam Squash Club - Re-opening on Saturday 25th July @ 10:00am

So - Its almost time! Only 5 sleeps away until getting back on court!!! So - its been a bit of a mean old time with regards to COVID and getting on the squash court - in fact way more than a mean old time.... Non-existent is the would be the appropriate term! Well the waiting is over and finally we can start getting back on court and doing what we love. There are a few changes that we have to take note of as as we return to squash, all of which are mandated by the goverment, Sport England and England Squash The following text outline our approach to returning to squash and rules that we have to put in place until we can get back to normal competitive squash. Please do take note of these rul

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