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Re-opening / re-embursement of membership as court credits

All, As outlined last week - Cheam Squash Club will once again be opening its doors ready for a good hit on court. As a reminder of the "return from covid rules" please use the following link: In other news - I sent an email a few weeks ago talking around loss or playing / court time as a result of COVID and how we are going to credit your mycourts account with £s that can be used for booking courts. As we have now been 4 months without playing each member will recieve 4 months worth of membership fees as court credit. Please note that THIS IS NOT REUNDABLE. Howeever, I do have an ask for you all to consider... We have still had outgoings in terms of rent, affiliation fees to surrey & england squash etc. It would be great if you would consider forgoing some of the re-embursement in favour of keeping cash in the club's bank account to ensure we stay in continued good financial health. A number of you have already voluntered this and suggested it would be a good idea to float across the entirety of the membership - so really just for your consideration. totally understand if you want the court credit as well! If you could let me know if you wish to forego some of your court credit as a nod to the clubs financial health - please could you let me know, not later than thursday evening as we wish to process credit this coming friday and over the weekend where applciable. Thanks all - and look forwards to seeing you on the squash courts soon! Stu.

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