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Return to Squash - Monday April 12th


Just to say - England squash have announced their intention to allow squash clubs to open on the 12th April (this coming monday) - which is great news.

This is in alignment with the UK Goverment return from COVID roadmap.

Limitations as previoulsy outlined will be in place until / around 17th May. We will keep you all updated with guidelines / critical dates as we recieve them.

Limitations are: Individual and same household activity & one-to-one coaching.

To help you get ready for squash / get some movement going, Our Mr Brooker has recommneded following the following YouTube video (created by Gary Nisbet) which will help prior to running around on a court like a lunatic:

Lets not damange ourselves as soon as we jump on court!

I will send out further guidelines around usage of the club / do's & dont's etc. as we approach the weekend.

Finally - I just want to say a huge thankyou for all of those that have renewed their subscription so far - massively appreciated. If i could encourage those of you that have not renewed to do so please - its critical in order to keep the club alive!

I look forwards to seeing you all down the club soon!


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