England Squash - Return to Play - Phases

Return to play phases Introduction Following the re-opening of courts on 25 July, England Squash has been working with partners and Sport England to establish a safe and practical path for the return to ‘full’ play. Whilst there are still restrictions in place, due to the UK Government social distancing guidelines and the unique nature of squash, a phased approach has been developed to gradually return to play across England. The following table shows the various phases that have been identified and summarises what they mean for clubs and their members. Current status - Phase 1: ‘Sides’ Next steps As with other sport governing bodies, England Squash currently has a proposal with the UK Gov

Update - Return Phases of Squash - Squash Bubbles - PHASE 2

All, As you may have noticed - England Squash have just announced the next phase in their "Return to play plan" - this is to be done by implementing "Squash Bubbles" Please note, before reading the England Squash update, that at this time NOTHING CHANGES in terms of gameplay & club rules at Cheam Squash. SIDES IS THE ONLY CURRENT OPTION FOR PLAY AT THE CLUB. We need to asses how this next phase can be implmented, how it is aligned to the risk review we have completed and also agree that the approach is appropriate with Cheam Sports Club. If you wish to prepare for the return phase, as you read the update from England Squash please pay particular note / think about the following items; 1. You

Racketball Sides Ladder

All, so we are now back to hitting on the court - and hopefully getting some enjoyment out of the game of sides - it seems to have translated in to racketball pretty well and folks are enjoying the hit!! ​​ So... with the above in mind - thought it might be worth putting the rules out there, and where we are at this starting point of the ladder If there are any questions - please do reach out but i think its all pretty obvious... As for the rules - here goes; In this ladder - you can ONLY play sides You can challange upto 3 places above you If the challanging player wins the match, they move above you in the ladder If the challanging player loses the match they stay where they are Games are

Limited Re-Opening of the Changing Rooms / Showers from Saturday 2pm, 15th August

Good day members - hope you are all doing well and enjoying getting back to squash! Up until now we have kept the showers and changing areas closed to ensure we follow COVID recommendations from Sport England, England Squash and quite frankly to help us keep the facility easily cleaned as there is a higher frequency of cleaning required. As time has progressed and after discussions with other clubs and understanding how they are moving forwards we have decided to RE-OPEN THE SHOWERING / CHANGING areas however there are guidelines & rules that will be in place. 1. If possible please do continue to use your home facilities to change - we still want to limit usage if possible, however

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