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Racketball Sides Ladder

All, so we are now back to hitting on the court - and hopefully getting some enjoyment out of the game of sides - it seems to have translated in to racketball pretty well and folks are enjoying

the hit!!


So... with the above in mind - thought it might be worth putting the rules out there, and where we are at this starting point of the ladder

If there are any questions - please do reach out but i think its all pretty obvious...

As for the rules - here goes;

  1. In this ladder - you can ONLY play sides

  2. You can challange upto 3 places above you

  3. If the challanging player wins the match, they move above you in the ladder

  4. If the challanging player loses the match they stay where they are

  5. Games are played to 15 points

  6. There are 5 games in a match

  7. American Scoring (PAR)

  8. When winning rally you hold serve

  9. If you are recieving a serve and the ball bounces before the serve line or comes off the back wall before bouncing, the opposing player can call long or short. The server gets a 2nd service... If the same happens on the 2nd serve and the reciever calls long or short, the point is awarded to the reciever and they now hold serve

  10. If you reach 14-14 in any of the games, you have to win by 2 CLEAR POINTS

  11. If you run out of time on the court - leading player (in games and current game score) takes the win

  12. If a challanger contacts you and tries to arrange a game and you fail to respond within a week / after two attempts - the challanger can move ahead of you in the ladder

  13. If your our opponent does not turn up for the match - you take the win

  14. If your opponent is 15 mins late - you can take the win (unless they have advised you prior to the match and you are happy with the new timings)

  15. If you challange and opponent higher up the ladder and that opponent subsequently (after you have laid down the challange) arranges to play another opponent higher than him/her up the ladder - the 2nd arranged game can only be treated as a friendly. Challanges have to be played in order of asking

  16. Play nicely

So thats the rules - hopefully all common sense!

In terms of starting position on the ladder (as of 17/08/2020) it is as follows:

1. Richard Clasby

2. Steve Weller

3. Julia Ledger

4. Nathan Newark

5. Simon Muir

6. Stuart Savill

7. Pete Bansfield

8. Kim Barrance

9. Ray Smith

10. Darren Plumridge

11. Jim Fay

12 Jackie Arrowsmith

13. Simon Price

14. Ali Merchant

15. Steve Holland

16. Joe Omar

17. Naveed Aziz

18. Charles Baldacchino

19. Eddie (Colin) Grant

Unclassified (will place in ladder when ready)

- John Butler

- Neal Brooker

See you on court!

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