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Club Re-Opening Plans (12th April) & Membership Renewals

I hope you are all keeping well and hopefully we will all be seeing some level of normality in the not so distant future!

I wanted to send out a follow-up e-mail to outline a number of points discussed in my previous communication around re-opening after COVID & membership renewals.

I want to open by saying a massive heart-felt thank you for all of the support and understanding that you have all given around the renewal of the Cheam Squash & Racketball membership to ensure that the club remains in good financial health and will allow us to continue to offer great Squash and Racketball facilities. It was so nice receiving all the correspondence from folks wanting to ensure we are here for many years to come. More on membership renewals further on in this email.

Return to Squash after COVID / Re-Opening of Squash Facilities - To start on 12th April.

Firstly, I want to touch on the “return to squash” timeline (this is still subject to change - and we will update as we learn more). Currently this looks to be as follows:

- 12th April Courts reopen allowing solo practice, one-to-one coaching (with one of our qualified coaches) and same household squash.

- No earlier than 17th May: Groups of 6 people to mix - We believe this may align to the “squash bubbles” that we previously put in place - but we are waiting to hear more. This may also be “modified” games. Please note that if we do follow the Squash Bubbles format - people will remain in their previously elected bubbles.

- No earlier than 21st June: All play, competitions and coaching fully open

All of these dates are subject to change - and we will update as we learn more from Sport England / England Squash.

If you wish to see the details that England Squash publish around this - please goto the following link:

Membership Renewals - 2021-> 2022

Secondly - Moving onto membership renewals. Again - a massive thank you for the supportive feedback. As outlined in previous communications - we have still had ongoing costs although the club has been closed. The membership renewals are an essential part of keeping the club afloat and viable.

We will now be opening the 2021-2022 membership renewal cycle - The renewal costs will be the same as last year. You will shortly be receiving comms from MyCourts to allow you to complete the renewal cycle. Nick Russell, Alex Gilbert, Charles Baldachino and myself are available to answer any questions you may have as we go through this cycle - Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions / need any assistance.

For the reasons outlined above, your prompt response to this renewal cycle would be much appreciated!

As ever - thank you for all of the support you give the club - and will hopefully see you down the courts VERY soon!


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