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Update - Return Phases of Squash - Squash Bubbles - PHASE 2


As you may have noticed - England Squash have just announced the next phase in their "Return to play plan" - this is to be done by implementing "Squash Bubbles"

Please note, before reading the England Squash update, that at this time NOTHING CHANGES in terms of gameplay & club rules at Cheam Squash. SIDES IS THE ONLY CURRENT OPTION FOR PLAY AT THE CLUB.

We need to asses how this next phase can be implmented, how it is aligned to the risk review we have completed and also agree that the approach is appropriate with Cheam Sports Club.

If you wish to prepare for the return phase, as you read the update from England Squash please pay particular note / think about the following items;

1. Your squash bubble - Work out whom will be within your squash bubble (a maximum of 6 players). Please bear in mind that you can only ever be a part of 1 bubble at any time. If you switch bubbles you must take a break of 7 days.

2. Validate you contact details - Ensure your contact details are fully up-to-date on the MY-COURTS system (including e-mail address, contact phone number & home address). This needs to be completed to ensure we have tracability in place.

3. Purchase protective eye-wear - England Squash have made protective eye-wear / visor mandatory if you wish to return to full court play. Purchase a pair such as these from Techifibre (other brands are available):

The published England Squash article can be found by clicking HERE

If you have any questions, please reach out to either Stuart Savill or Neal Brooker.

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