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England Squash - Return to Play - Phases

Return to play phases

Introduction Following the re-opening of courts on 25 July, England Squash has been working with partners and Sport England to establish a safe and practical path for the return to ‘full’ play. Whilst there are still restrictions in place, due to the UK Government social distancing guidelines and the unique nature of squash, a phased approach has been developed to gradually return to play across England. The following table shows the various phases that have been identified and summarises what they mean for clubs and their members.

Current status - Phase 1: ‘Sides’

Next steps As with other sport governing bodies, England Squash currently has a proposal with the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS), presenting our recommended changes and measures to transition through the next phases. Once we have approval of the proposal, we will update clubs and partners on the specific details. We expect to receive approval soon, allowing us to progress to Phase 2 by the middle of September.

Phase No's & Descriptions / Summary of what it means for clubs and players

1. ‘Sides’

  • Re-open clubs with safety measures in place

  • Socially distanced practice and ‘Sides’ game play only

  • Solo practice

  • Same-household play

2. Squash Bubbles

  • 'Squash bubbles' (a group of up to six players who can play squash with each other) can be formed within clubs and venues

  • Introduction of full court play within squash bubbles, with enhanced hygiene protocols

  • No competitive inter-club play

3. Inter-Club Play

  • Return to inter-club play with game modifications including social distancing measures and enhanced hygiene protocols

  • Increase to number of players allowed within squash facilities

  • Group training allowed with additional safety measures in place

  • Inter-club/local matches can take place, including county leagues with adapted rules

4. Small Scale Competition Play

  • Small one-day competitions to resume, with a reduced number of competitors allowed and limited spectators

  • Further increase to number of players allowed within squash facilities

  • Small, local team competitions to resume with a reduced number of players per team and dispersed schedules

5. Full Play

  • Return to full play with no limit to number of opponents

  • Full leagues/multi-day competitions to resume - dispersed schedules and multiple venues to be used to control crowding

  • Continuation of practical health and safety protocols to mitigate any additional risk of COVID-19 outbreaks

Disclaimer Please note that the phases are subject to change and continue to be superseded by any national or local Government guidelines. The current status of the return to play will only be changed by England Squash and should not be overruled locally. Any breach of these guidelines by clubs or individuals may mean that we will have to revert to previous phases.

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