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Cheam Squash Club - Re-opening on Saturday 25th July @ 10:00am

So - Its almost time! Only 5 sleeps away until getting back on court!!!

So - its been a bit of a mean old time with regards to COVID and getting on the squash court - in fact way more than a mean old time.... Non-existent is the would be the appropriate term!

Well the waiting is over and finally we can start getting back on court and doing what we love.

There are a few changes that we have to take note of as as we return to squash, all of which are mandated by the goverment, Sport England and England Squash

The following text outline our approach to returning to squash and rules that we have to put in place until we can get back to normal competitive squash.

Please do take note of these rules, if we do not stick to them court return may be put at risk and ultimately we might have to close the club back down again.

The different rules of play that we talk about in this post are hopefully going to be short lived and hopefully we will see progress in the next weeks and months. This will only be achived if we do stick by the rules though!

Return to Squash after COVID19 @ Cheam Squash

Cheam Squash Rules Addendum 1 - COVID19 20/07/2020

We will be introducing a phased return to the squash club aligning to both government guidelines & England Squash

As The government and England Squash change the ruling – we will amend club rules

We ask that all members observe the rules defined in the following document as well as pre-agreed club rules.

These rules are NOT negotiable

Return to Squash Rules - General

  1. If you feel unwell / have any cold symptoms / are displaying COVID symptoms / have had contact with anyone with COVID DO NOT ATTEND THE CLUB

  2. If you exhibit COVID symptoms after attending the squash club – please notify a member of the committee immediately

  3. If you feel uncomfortable in a social / squash setting as a result of COVID do not attend the club

  4. Do not arrive any earlier that 5 minutes before your booking – we have a 15-minute offset between courts – this will ensure that we limit traffic within the club)

  5. Sanitize your hands regularly whilst at the club with particular focus before and after being on a squash court. Sanitizing stations are available around the club and at the front door. These are clearly marked. Please ensure you sanitize hands at the front door before entering the premises

  6. NO GUESTS with the EXCEPTION of an adult accompanying a JUNIOR member from the same household OR a spouse / partner from the same household OR an Adult parent bringing their child. This is for extremely occasional play - and should not be a regular occurance. You must log this on entry on the court booking system with the opponent showing as one of the following;

  7. "Parent guest of Junior Member"

  8. "Junior Guest of Parent Member"

  9. "Spouse / Partner of same household"

  10. Courts must be pre-booked, no walk-ins (this allows evidencable traceability as required by the government

  11. Changing rooms WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE at re-opening. Please arrive at the club in your kit ready to play / do not change whilst at the club (with the exception of footwear / court shoes)

  12. No borrowing / hiring / sharing of equipment

  13. Please bring your own hydration & store at the front of the court. The water fountain WILL NOT BE IN-USE & will be turned off

  14. Please do not congregate as a group around the squash court premises

  15. Please do NOT wipe your hands / sweat on the walls

  16. If you bring wipes / paper towels etc. to the club – please could you dispose of these at home / take away from the club

  17. Follow government social distance guidelines whilst visiting the club at all times

  18. Please wipe down the door handles / door knobs with bacterial wipes as you leave the courts

  19. Club nights are currently on hold pending further government guidelines

  20. Junior Club is currently on hold pending further government guidelines

Phase-1 Return to Squash (25th July 2020)

NB these rules will change as england squash introduce new phases over the coming weeks and months

  1. The normal game of squash CANNOT be played by players from different households

  2. Squash Solo practice on court is allowed

  3. Squash “SIDES” can be played allowing two players from different households to play on the same court but observing social distancing for more information follow this link:

  4. Members of the same household CAN play a normal game of squash


  6. One to one coaching is allowed (with the coach on court with one club member but adhering to social distance ruling)

  7. At no point should there be more than 9 people on premise – 2 players per court (Max), two potentially waiting in the gallery area awaiting court walk on and the presence of potentially one coach

  8. Handling of the same ball by different players during a session is discouraged. A new boxed ball should be used wherever possible and only touched by one player.

  9. No squash leagues

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