Finally - we are allowed back on court to do what we love most - full play racketball and squash!!!! No modified games, no special scoring, no sides, no bubbles, no solo hitting (unless of course you want to!) - Just good old fashioned normal squash!

Over the course of the weekend, I will be sending out a lengthier email with some of the rules we have to change at the club (it actually a reduction rather than more to think about!) - however there is one rule we MUST adhere with, that being PLEASE ENSURE YOU NAME YOUR OPPONENT ON THE COURT BOOKING SYSTEM.

It is also a requirement, if you bring someone to watch (which we do want to discourage at this time) that you register them by scanning in with the COVID NHS app using the NHS barcode (there are a number of these around the club, you do it everywhere else - pleae use this same facility down the club - there is one as soon as you walk in the club on the noticeboard).

Court bookings are looking pretty free at the moment - but if i were you - Id be thinking about booking sooner rather than later - as i suspect courts will get taken pretty quickly at peak times!

We are also working towards getting some events set up, later in the summer period, we are hosting a PSA event in August, we have a new face joining us in the coaching team - and more to come!

So for the first time in a really long time - i can say - I look forwards to having a hit with you all on court soon!

HAVE FUN GETTING BACK ON COURT! - Lets get that squash buzz back!

Cheers, Stu.



Hope you and yours are keeping well.... As no doubt you have seen in the press - we are about to reach the next milestone in relaxation of COVID restrictions - which will hopefully ripple through to the squash world and allow a less restrictive mode of play!

At the moment, its looking like squash and racketball players will be allowed on court with someone from a separate household.

We are awaiting confirmation from England Squash as to how this can be done and what the rules of play will be (ie. is this a modified version of the game - or standard full-court squash)

We are expecting a full update of venue and player guidance on Friday 14th May. As soon as we have details - we will update the membership.

As a reminder i have included the return to squash timeline that England Squash have published thus-far...

Looking forwards to seeing you all down the club for a proper hit!

If there are any questions - please reach out to either Neal or myself.




So – here we go again – and long may we stay open!

Cheam Squash & Racketball will re-open its doors as of Monday 12th April at 10:00am

As advised by England Squash - the only modes of play that are allowed at this time are as follows:

  • Solo hitting / practice with only one player on court at any one time

  • One on One coaching for adults with a qualified member of our coaching team

  • Full play with individuals living at the same household address

Any other form of Squash / Racketball play is prohibited at this time

It is anticipated that this mode of squash will continue until at least 17th May – at which time we expect conditions to be relaxed in line with government, Sport England & England Squash guidelines. We will advise the membership as this happens

Rules of the club whilst we are phasing returning to club play are as follows (and not negotiable):

  • If you feel unwell / have any cold symptoms / are displaying COVID symptoms / have had contact with anyone with COVID DO NOT ATTEND THE CLUB

  • If you exhibit COVID symptoms after attending the squash club – please notify a member of the committee immediately

  • If you feel uncomfortable in a social / squash setting as a result of COVID do not attend the club

  • Do not arrive any earlier that 5 minutes before your booking – we have a 15-minute offset between courts – this will ensure that we limit traffic within the club)

  • As you arrive at the courts, please CHECK IN using the NHS COVID Contact Tracing App and scan the QR Codes on entry – there is one on the noticeboard downstairs and another upstairs

  • Sanitize your hands regularly whilst at the club with particular focus before and after being on a squash court. Sanitizing stations are available around the club and at the front door. These are clearly marked. Please ensure you sanitize hands at the front door before entering the premises

  • NO GUESTS with the EXCEPTION of an adult accompanying a JUNIOR member from the same household OR a spouse / partner from the same household OR an Adult parent bringing their child. This is for extremely occasional play - and should not be a regular occurrence. You must log this on entry on the court booking system with the opponent showing as one of the following;

  • "Parent guest of Junior Member"

  • "Junior Guest of Parent Member"

  • "Spouse / Partner of same household"

  • Courts must be pre-booked, no walk-ins (this allows evidencable traceability as required by the government

  • We would prefer for players to change / shower away from the club, however changing rooms are available at re-opening. No more than 3 people per changing room

  • No borrowing / hiring / sharing of equipment


  • Please do not congregate as a group around the squash court premises

  • Please do NOT wipe your hands / sweat on the walls

  • If you bring wipes / paper towels etc. to the club – please could you dispose of these at home / take away from the club

  • Follow government social distance guidelines whilst visiting the club at all times

  • Please wipe down the door handles / door knobs with bacterial wipes as you leave the courts

  • Club nights are currently on hold

  • Junior Club is currently on hold

If any of the rules are unclear to you, or you require any clarification - please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the commitee members.

We will update the rules and modes of play as we receive updates from England Squash.

The current timeline for return to full play is as follows:

If you wish to consult the England Squash Website for updates regarding COVID & return to Squash, please click HERE

Also remember - Cheam Sports Bar will also be open from 12th April - There has been great work done in putting up an undercover area / outside seating - and its probably the biggest beer garden in Surrey!! Have a bit of a social get-together with club members or friends / family. Obviously the rule of 6 applies!

Have a great weekend - and will look forwards to seeing you all soon!