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Cheam Squash Club Opening - Return from Lockdown


As i am sure you are all now aware lockdown (at least for the moment) is coming to and end. With this being the case we are now going to be re-opening the club as of Wednesday 2nd December 2020 @ midday!!

As you will also be aware, there has been modification to the way that the tiering system is being managed by the goverment and as a result of this, England Squash have amended their view on squash rules based on the tier that we are classified as. Please note - that at the time of writing this, London is in Tier-2, and as a result - all rules outlined in this table need to be aligned to the tier-2 column.

As we move between classification of phases - please use this table to inform you rules of the rules of squash that as a club we MUST FOLLOW.

With regards to Tier-3, and if we enter this tier - we may make the judgement call to close the club again - as the current levels of play permitted in this tier are extremeley restrictive. This decision will be made in conjunction with the club coaches.

Please note that if you wish to play any forms of squash at the club, whilst the tiering system is in place you have to be part of a squash bubble - to understand what this means and how you may register within a bubble please click HERE. The ONLY exception to this is if you are either (a) solo hitting or (b) playing someone from the same household.

Whilst you are in bubble - the ONLY form of squash you can play whilst we are in TIER-2 is SIDES. If we our tiering changes, please refer to the tabel enclosed in this message to understand allowed forms of play.

FULL MATCH PLAY - The only point at which FULL SQUASH MATCH PLAY is allowed is when you are playing someone from the same household.

We will be re-using the bubbles that were previously formed - so if you are currently registered there is no need to re-register.

As you will remember - there were gaps between courts (you will notice these in the court booking system registered as court-maintenance) - please do not use this time as a continuation of playing time. England Squash / Sport England have mandated that this time be used to allow air to circulate to reduce risk of covid spreading

at the club.

Finally a reminder... If you feel unwell, please do not attend the club. If you have ANY of the symptoms that are associated with COVID, please do not attend the club. If someone in your household has exhibited symptoms of COVID or has tested positive, please do not attend the club. If you are worried about attending the club / catching COVID, please do not attend the club (Hopefully i am stating the obvious here!!)

If you want to see the latest updates from England Squash around Squash Play & COVID, please click HERE

The latest Cheam Squash Club rules whilst living with COVID can be found HERE

Thanks all for your continued understanding in these times,

The Cheam Squash Commitee


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